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Psychoanalysis and Film — Presenting Problems: The Short Films of Garrick Duckler



Presenting Problems is the first DVD collection in a series of shorts devoted to exploring a myriad of psychological conflicts that arise in the meeting of psychoanalysis and film. In viewing the films, we come to know something more about ourselves and how the buy viagra online usa sense of brand levitra for sale our own identity can influence our choices. The films approach the world of psychological processes within through following unique characters as they exist in the world.  Through these characters we are able to understand something of our internal workings — a deeply held conviction, an unconscious reaction — presenting a particular problem of “being in the world.”

The films have been called science fiction without the science, thought-poems with plots, external fantasies about inner realities and “films that take us on wild journeys without anything of note happening.”  They delight and provoke, appealing to all types of audiences, young and old, professionals, un-professionals and non-professionals alike.  Without jargon or having to teach the audience a “lesson,” the films are all engendered by the hope that what is most needed today is not another theory (or worse, an illustration of a theory) but rather a means by which we might become more curious about ourselves and others. Through the marriage of viagra for less in the united psychoanalysis and film we are offered one path towards this, helping forge a new language for our ever-changing psychological, intellectual and levitra brand discount emotional lives.


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Whether or not these films are purely (or even primarily) psychoanalytic, I do believe the films and psychoanalysis have a lot to say to each other; and that is order daily cialis a conversation well worth having.

It is a conversation that is really at the very good site heart of the films because the hope is (just as the hope is in psychodynamic psychotherapy) to see into something of the "reality" we create for ourselves at the same time to canadian levitra 50mg see some of the illusory quality of that so-called reality (the perceptions, the beliefs, the "laws" of the felt experience).

The hope I have for these films (the hope of analysis) is to capture something of both the reality of how the world is being perceived as well as the illusory quality of that "reality." I suppose this is where the comic element is since any time someone invents his or her own problems, there is comedy (whether we laugh or cry is a different matter). The tragic part, I suppose, is our belief that inventing such a problem gives us our life back when it has been taken from us. But that's the hard part –the revenge on the past through the online propecia uk present tense.

Garrick Duckler

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"Presenting Problems" is the first volume in a series of films created by Garrick Duckler.

Upcoming films include: "On Groups (and being alone)" "Mood Orders and Disorders" and "Beyond Repair and other therapeutic outcomes."

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